What Is React Native And Its Example Apps?

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What Is React Native And Its Example Apps?

Using JavaScript, you can create native mobile apps with the React Native framework. Typically, Java (for Android) and Swift/Obj-C are required for developing mobile apps (for iOS). With React Native, you can create fully functional apps for both platforms in less time and with only one code language. To learn more about react native, join react native training in chennai at FITA Academy.


Facebook created ReactJS and React Native. In reality, Facebook originally developed React to create the social media network we all dread. After more work on the project, Facebook made ReactJS for the web available as open source.


But Facebook’s mobile app was still having issues. Two codebases must be kept up to date: one for iOS and one for Android. There was effort duplication, and asymmetry in the apps since features created in Swift on iOS had to be implemented separately in Java on Android.


That issue is easily fixed with React Native.


React Native was developed to make the development of mobile apps easier after ReactJS. The answer is straightforward: life is made much simpler if you can create an app once in JavaScript and release it to both Android and iOS.


You’ve probably used React Native if you’ve ever used the official Facebook app on Android or iOS.


What Is An Example Of A React Native Apps?

After initial testing and prototyping, Bloomberg, a business and financial news source, chose React Native to build its new consumer app.


Previously, Bloomberg engineers could not share the code they generated and had to construct iOS and Android versions separately. By switching to React Native, they were able to streamline their development processes and allow each developer to concentrate on one feature at a time, saving them time. As a result, the team completed the new app’s development in five months, roughly half the time it usually takes.


The business was also able to add several fresh, interactive features to the app thanks to the use of React Native, such as the capability to swipe a headline to share or favorite an article. Additionally, users have access to on-demand event feeds and live TV.


The app offers users a wide range of customization options, including managing their portfolios and tailoring information to their interests and location.


The React Native design automates code updates and reloads the program quickly rather than recompiling it.


React Native is the best out there, according to a senior software engineer at Bloomberg who worked on the transition, and the company would use it once more in future mobile apps.



I hope this blog will help you to know about what react native is and its example app. To learn more about react native, join React native online training to learn in your own space at your own pace.