5 Advantages of Using Google Cloud Platform for App Development

5 Advantages of Using Google Cloud Platform for App Development

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Google Cloud Platform is currently one of the most popular platforms, with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure serving as major competitors. Google App Engine — a collection of servers, virtual machines, data analysis services, load balancers, and other tools — was the company’s first offering. These tools enable businesses to quickly deploy, run, and monitor their products without corporate data servers. Here are 5 Advantages of Using Google Cloud Platform for App Development. If you are interested in learning about Google Cloud, Join FITA Academy‘s Google Cloud Training in Chennai. It offers advanced certification training and 100% job placement assistance.

Spotify, Coca-Cola, Sony Music, Snapchat, Evernote, and many other companies use the Google Cloud Platform. Apple recently shifted some of its services from AWS to Google Cloud. eBay, GitHub, and Twitter followed the trend of migrating from other cloud services to Google Cloud.

What are the reasons for using the Google Cloud Platform?

If many large corporations and start-ups migrate to Google Cloud, there must be a compelling reason. Our take on the situation is straightforward: Google works hard to distinguish the platform. Initially, it was a relatively simple Cloud infrastructure, but the company added 90+ development tools, signed exclusive agreements for faster bandwidth cables, and conducted some exciting pricing experiments.

These aren’t the only reasons to think about app development in Google Cloud Platform — here are a few more.

Exemplary safety

Google Cloud Platform employs practices that have been tested for more than 15 years and proven on the company’s most popular products, including Search and Gmail. All data is encrypted with 256-bit keys. ISO 27017, FedRAMP, SOC 2, HIPAA, and other certifications are used to audit the servers.

Constant expansion

The Google Cloud Platform was only sometimes among the best, but it is quickly improving. Google is constantly expanding its server infrastructure, with powerful data centers in Sydney, Seoul, Jakarta, Las Vegas, Warsaw, and other cities. With so many locations, the network speed increases significantly, and your app can respond to requests much faster.

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Google Cloud Solutions’ Advantages for App Development

Google Cloud Platform is well-known for being one of the most versatile and cost-effective platforms available. It’s at least 20-30% cheaper than AWS and Azure — the exact figures depend on how long you run the project. It’s also among the best platforms for AI and big data development because Google’s custom tools are easy to learn and integrate. More information about Azure vs. Google Cloud can be found here.

This only scratches the surface. Let’s take a closer look at other reasons to build an app on the Google Cloud platform.

A global network of servers

Google Cloud has the world’s largest server network. In addition, they implemented FASTER, INDIGO, and other Internet cables, which provide additional bandwidths allowing the platform to process an additional 10 Terabits per second — making it faster than competitors.

Easy migration

Unlike Azure and AWS, Google Cloud hosting supports live virtual machine migration. Devices can be created, updated, and connected to host machines in real-time by developers. Even while VMs are being migrated, you can continue to build apps on the Google Cloud Platform.

Powerful performance

Load times can be reduced quickly by adding more machines and services to the Google Cloud Platform. Furthermore, because Google uses a higher-bandwidth cable, the connection between servers is lightning-fast. The speeds provided by AWS and Azure are comparable, but Google’s services are significantly less expensive.

Final Thoughts

This blog has discussed the 5 Advantages of Using the Google Cloud Platform for App Development. Google Cloud encourages developers to experiment with AI and machine learning big data — all tools are easily accessible and straightforward. Join the Google Cloud Training in Bangalore, which offers the best certification training with knowledgeable instructors. 

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