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How Coloured Roofing Sheets Used For Construction Purposes?

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The Roofing sheets are used in constructions to cover the building’s top or terrace. Mostly Roofing sheets are used in industrial buildings. Lately, it is used to cover the top of the house. The metal roofs are highly used. They are made up of metals like copper, zinc, aluminium, silicon. 

They may be in metal pieces or like has characteristics like high durability, high resistance, longevity. Roofing sheets are also called alloy roofing sheets that are building envelopes. There are many types of roofing sheets. They are 

  1. AC roofing sheets
  2. Aluminium roofing sheets
  3. Polycarbonate roofing sheets
  4. FRP roofing sheets
  5. PVC roofing sheets
  6. Plastic roofing sheets
  7. Coloured roofing sheets

Colour coated sheets :

Coated sheets are classified into two types, metal sheets are coated with coil form of fabric and some sheets are coated with colour layers in them that are called colour coated sheets. Coloured coated sheets are nothing but coloured roofing sheets used to cover the building’s top. In general, aluminium sheets, poly carbon sheets and plastic sheets have colour shades that are coated with paints while they manufacture. 

They are highly durable because of the paints used in the sheets. The thickness of coating sheets depends upon the weather of the circumstance. These sheets come with the lining of enamel called the inner or internal part of roofing sheets. 

The jsw colour coated sheets are in different shades of green, blue, red, Light coloured aluminium sheets are best for roofing sheets to cover the building top for house and as well as for industrial construction purposes. The light coloured reflects sunlight and makes the building’s body cool whereas dark colour absorbs sunlight. The best-coloured sheets are JSW colour coated sheets.

JSW Roofing sheet dealers : 

JSW is a subsidiary group that manufactures the best roofing sheets. They have all sorts of roping sheets. JSW roofing sheet dealer in chennai are the best dealers of roofing sheets. They make available metal roofing sheets that are colour coated. The pre-painted corrugated sheets and profiles are branded as JSW colouron which is manufactured and coated by superior technology. 

They are designed to resist cracking, peeling, and resist damages during heavy rain. JSW roofing sheets are very high in quality and strength. They manufacture a special type of sheet called bitumen which is alloy coated. They are most affordable, waterproof, low maintenance, and light-weighted. 

Hence JSW roofing sheets are the best roofing sheets in markets nowadays.