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Eligibility Requirements Of Canada Immigration Chennai Program

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There are various Canada Immigration Chennai programs that may be selected depending on the purpose of coming and residing in Canada. The visa categories include skilled migration programs like Provincial Nominee Programs, Express Entry, Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program, or other family sponsorship programs like super visa or spousal sponsorship that differs from each other and their eligibility requirement also varies for the selected ones.

Qualifications Required For Canada Immigration Chennai:

While applying for a permanent Canada resident visa, it is necessary to make sure that the following eligibility requirements are fulfilled:

Minimum Age:

Residents must fall between 18-45 years of age at the time of visa lodgement.

Required Education:

People must have completed at least a Bachelor’s degree that is equivalent to Canadian education standards.

Work Experience:

The Canada Immigration Consultants In Chennai have given a clear picture that residents must have at least one year of full-time work experience with a Master’s degree or a two-year full-time experience with a Bachelor’s degree to reside there in the country.

Language Test:

People must have cleared the language test for the visa category in which they are intended to apply. Canadian Language Benchmark 7 (CLB7) is required to become a permanent resident of Canada when applying for the Canada Express Entry.

Health And Personality Traits Requirement:

Health and personality traits requirements play an important role in deciding the immigration fate of the applicant. So, people residing there should be in good health and should not be committed to any crime in order to settle in Canada.

Other Factors:

Apart from the above factors, there are other additional factors like arranged employment and adaptability.

(i) Adaptability:

If there are family, friends, and relatives who have past experience of studying, living, or working in Canada, then residents can be fetched with additional points for applying for permanent residency.

(ii) Arranged Employment:

If residents have a valid job offer letter from the Canadian employer, then they can apply for PNP or Express Entry easily.

So, the Best Australian Immigration Consultants In Chennai have given all the above qualifications required for becoming a permanent resident of Canada.