Why is React JS so Popular Among Developers?

Why is React JS so Popular Among Developers?

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In recent years, various front-end frameworks and libraries have sprouted up like mushrooms, leaving developers needing clarification about which to use. Comparisons between these frameworks and libraries are difficult because each has a unique feature that makes it challenging to choose one. However, in recent years, ReactJS has emerged as a popular choice among businesses, making it one of the most dependable front-end libraries. Join the React JS Training Institute in Chennai at FITA Academy to learn more about React JS Technology. It offers advanced training, certification, and job placement assistance. In this blog, Let us discuss why ReactJS is so Popular Among Developers.

What is React JS?

React is a front-end development open-source JavaScript library maintained by Facebook and a community of independent developers and companies. Facebook open-sourced React, which includes libraries for creating web and mobile user interfaces (ReactJS) (React Native). When React was released, there was no powerful front-end JavaScript library.

React JS Benefits 

The following are the Benefits of React JS:

Exceptional Performance

React is well-known for its high efficiency and flexibility; it can be easily combined with other frameworks. Because of its modular structure, React code is simple to maintain and update; it can be used on both the client and server sides, which saves time and money.

Easy development of Mobile Apps

React is a framework for building JavaScript applications, and React Native is a complete platform for building native, cross-platform mobile apps. ReactJs serves as the heart of React Native, providing a JavaScript library for building a high-performing UI and assimilating all of React’s concepts and syntax, making language learning simple.

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Trusted by Big Companies

The list of notable companies and startups that use React development services is endless. Still, some of the most well-known include Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Netflix, Airbnb, PayPal, Walmart, and others.

React is Popular and Trending

As one of the most popular front-end technologies on the market, it has a growing market share, making it a globally accepted front-end development library; according to a Lambda Test survey, 64.8% of javascript developers are currently using React. When an increasing number of people adopt such a technology, it is clear that it is due to its high quality.

Virtual DOM for Faster Rendering

React is quick. A good web application provides a superior page experience; load time significantly contributes to page speed. React renders the DOM (Document Object Model) as a virtual copy of the actual DOM first. React will only make necessary changes to the UIs via the virtual DOM. As a result, an application does not have to re-render the entire User Interface, which reduces loading times.

This significantly impacts SEO and improves the overall page experience and load times for users (Search Engine Optimisation). Search engine crawlers will prefer React-built web pages due to their speed and agility if rendering times are reduced.


We’ve learned from this blog why ReactJS is so Popular Among Developers. React has some fantastic benefits that make it one of the most popular front-end developers, thanks to flexibility, ease of maintenance, rapid development, trouble-free transitions, and much more, making it an ideal development service.¬†

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