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Prenatal massage is also called pregnancy massage which is a type of massage therapy specifically designed for pregnant women. This massage is very useful during delivery. Prenatal Massage Center in Chennai may help relieve aches and some of the pains of pregnancy. This pregnancy massage not only has benefits but it does have some risks, it isn’t suitable for every pregnancy or every person.

What makes prenatal massage different? A woman’s body must be properly positioned and supported during the massage for the safety and comfort of the mother and growing baby inside the womb. You will usually be positioned lying on your side rather than on your stomach or back during a prenatal massage. There are various important stages during pregnancy. The most common massage technique used is a long, effleurage, gliding stroke used in Swedish massage during the pregnancy. A massage therapist may suggest you to take regular massage by sit upright or in a semi-reclining position. Massage SPA in Chennai must be gentle and light in order to avoid excess pressure during pregnancy. Massage therapists may use deeper pressure in certain parts of the body distant from your belly like your feet, shoulder, in which the overall pressure may be lighter than what you think. Your therapist may avoid using rocking technique if you are experiencing morning sickness.


Pregnancy often causes discomfort when the changes to the body as a baby grows while every pregnancy is unique. There are many benefits which can help relieve some of these symptoms for the patient.

Pain relief

The posture of the abdomen changes to realign the centre of gravity over the hips as the abdomen grows outward. The stress on the muscles and joints results in pelvic, shoulder, neck, or some nerve pain for some people. A professional massage therapist can relieve such types of aches. A study on this prenatal massage shows it is effective for back and leg during pregnancy.

Reduced swelling

A pregnant woman often fights with swelling during the last trimester. Edema or swelling is also normal during pregnancy. The growing uterus starts to put the pressure on the veins in the legs which results in the fluid buildup tends to be more pronounced in the legs, feet and ankles.

Better sleep

In all the trimester, there is a common problem which is difficulty in sleeping for pregnant women. Due to lack of sleep, there is also stress and anxiety which may cause physical discomfort. This Massage in Chennai may help improve sleep quality and insomnia for pregnant women.

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