How many countries speak German

How many countries speak German

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German Speaking countries 

Even though German is spoken around the world, Some countries are taken as the primary spoken language in their country. Austria, Belgium, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, and Switzerland are the same provinces. These countries have one centre which is in Germany. However, Germany has the majority of the places larger than these countries, Also higher in terms of population and territory. Its population is eight times higher than  Belgium. Germany has an 85 million population which is extremely higher than Belgium’s 11.5 million population. Enjoy expressing fluently in the German language? Register in the German Classes in Chennai for A1 and A2 level lessons. Well-experienced teachers of FITA Academy will provide you with training to gain more German fluency.


The only official language in Austria is German, which 98% of the people speak. The official language is called “Austrian German,” which is a form of German that has some Austro-Bavarian influences. This is another West Germanic language that is also spoken in parts of Hungary and the Czech Republic. But Standard German is also spoken by most people in Austria.


Belgium has three official languages: Dutch, French, and German. These are the main languages in the three neighbouring countries. In fact, the fact that there are German-speaking communities near the border helps make German the third most common language in the country. Still, Dutch, which is the first language of 55% of the population, and French, which is the first language of 39% of the population, are much more common. German, on the other hand, is the first language of less than 1% of the population, but it is the second language of 22%, which shows that people can speak it well even if it isn’t their first choice. Understand the German language from our experienced faculty partners at German Language Course in Chennai. FITA Academy trainers feed the best German Language Classes in Chennai; for any queries, contact us.


German, or “Deutsch,” is the official language of Germany, where 95% of the people are native German speakers. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Turkish is a minority language, and only 1.8% of the population speaks it. Kurdish is spoken by 0.3% of the immigrant population. But no other language is spoken by even a tenth of 1% of the population. Serbian is spoken by 0.09% of the population, and native Romani by 0.08%.

But even though German is the most common language, about two-thirds of Germans (67%) can speak at least one other language, and 27% can speak two. English is taught most often as a foreign language, followed by French and Latin. Before the Normans took over England in 1066 and brought French and Latin culture with them, the Saxons and Angles ruled the island. England is even named after the Angles.


You might not be blamed if you don’t know where Liechtenstein is on a map. The country is so small that it is called a “microstate.” It is the fourth-smallest country in Europe, with only 40,000 people living on 62 square miles. Liechtenstein’s official language is German, and about 86% of its people speak it as their first language. 

The rest almost all speak English as a second language: 

92% of people speak German. Different Germanic languages and dialects are spoken, such as Swiss German (spoken by about 29,000 people), Alemannic, and the Walser Language.


Switzerland has four official languages, but German is the one most people speak. Six out of ten people, or 60%, speak Swiss German, which is similar to standard German but has some differences. It is spoken in the centre, the north, and the east of Switzerland.

As in Belgium, the languages spoken in each part of Switzerland are mostly those of the countries that border them. For example, Swiss French is spoken in the west, and Swiss Italian is spoken in a small piece of land in the south that is surrounded by Italy. Join German Classes In Coimbatore, which offers advanced training on it. German Language Institute in Delhi also conducts events to motivate the learners to clear the exam. 

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