An Overview of JAVA Framework

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Java language is the extension of C and C++ language and was designed to have its look and feel. Java is simple to use and has object oriented programming method. This programming language runs on a single computer framework and also in distributed servers and clients in a network. When you download Java software, you will get a JRE (Java Runtime Environment) which is a part of Java software, JRE has JVM called Java Virtual Machine, run it in your web browser. Java framework will be explained clearly in the Java Training in Chennai.

The framework is a pre written code which is needed to be added your code into a specific domain to solve a problem. With the help of calling methods, inheritance, listeners and supplying “callbacks” or other implementations, you can make use of a framework. The framework in Java provides functionality to a specific problem domain. In programming, a software framework is an abstraction which provides generic functionality can be overridden by the user code that offers specific functionality. Here are the different types Java web development frameworks are Apache Structs 2, Spring, Hibernate, JSF etc.,

An example of GUI framework in JAVA is Java’s Swing and AWT classes. It has the huge amount of code to handle the user interface. Sometimes collection classes called a framework since it is because of the complexity and size.

Spring: Spring MVC plays an essential role more than a decade because it was first released. After it goes on some adopting changes, it turned into a full-scale Java

Struct 2: Struct 2 is the most widely used Java frameworks by the most of the modern software engineers. This framework is the correct option to choose if you have high-load systems such as broadcasting portals.

Hibernate: It is considered as the best Java framework and this one cracks object-relational impedance mismatch problems by compensating DB access in high-level functions.

JSF: As a part of Java EE, and it is not the good framework for a speedy Java development. Also, it is easy to use since it has great documentation which is provided by Oracle.

These are the some of the frameworks of Java that is used widely by the many software developers.  Utilize the benefits of these entire frameworks and make use of it with the help of Java Course in Chennai.