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What Makes iOS Superior to Android?

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What makes iOS superior to Android?

We can’t deny that Android is the most popular operating system on the planet. However, there are a number of reasons why iOS phones outperform Android phones. With the recent launches of iPhones, such as the iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XR, and others, Apple has demonstrated how software and hardware compliment each other.

Apple’s other products, such as Macs, Apple Watch, and Apple TV, have also functioned in unison. It not only delivers a device, but also a closed ecosystem in which software and hardware are optimized for maximum performance. In this essay, we’ll go over the facts to show is iOS better than Android. FITA  Academy offers the best IOS Training in Chennai with the great practical knowledge to improve your technical skills.

  1. Integration of software and hardware

Apple’s iOS is a closed ecosystem, which implies that Apple develops both the operating system and the hardware, and no other company utilizes either to interface with their services. It provides Apple an advantage over Android in terms of hardware and software synchronization. In the case of Android, however, the hardware is created by companies such as Qualcomm and MediaTek (rather than Google), and the operating system must be generic for all devices and brands. Brands are now creating their own flavors that operate on top of Android.

2. Continual Updates

Apple is noted for having a faster update schedule because all of its devices receive upgrades at the same time. Every gadget receives an update on the same day, with no exceptions. Android smartphone manufacturers, on the other hand, schedule upgrades according to their priorities and do not sync with Google. This could be due to the fact that the majority of the brands cater to the current Android version, which is being modified for the next upgrade.

3. A scarcity of options

When deciding between a range of Android cellphones, there is a lot of confusion. We can’t go wrong with an iPhone because only two or three models are introduced each year, so there aren’t as many possibilities as there are with Android.  The fact that the only differences between iPhones are screen sizes, storage space, and camera modules. On the other hand, there are numerous specifications to consider, which can easily mislead a consumer.

4. Touch in three dimensions

Apple allows users to use 3D touch inputs to access mini menu items. The pressure sensitivity on the screen is detected by iOS devices, and different input choices are enabled as a result. This feature has been used by a number of iOS applications. Android, on the other hand, fails to deliver such a wide range of 3D touch options. It does, however, provide a long-press option, albeit it is not as sensitive as Apple’s 3D touch.

5. Restrictions in the App Store

Before being released on the App Store, an iOS application must pass a series of tests. On the App Store, no one can crack paid apps. Apps uploaded to Appstore Connect are reviewed according to Apple’s strict safety and quality criteria. The submitted iOS app must be responsive and adhere to Apple’s standards when on the screen in order for us to receive only high-quality apps on our iPhone devices. Apple has also improved the speed of evaluation, and now any iOS app may be downloaded from the App Store in just one working day (if not rejected in review).


Apple Inc. developed iOS as a mobile operating system for its products, such as the iPhone and iPad. Here, in this blog, we discussed about why is iOS better? Join  FITA Academy for the best iOS Online Training with the Placement Assistance.