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Hi Friends, Hope you are Full-fledged in GRE Test Preparation. Am I right?

Some New buds of GRE may have several Doubt regarding GRE Exams as well as what to do after GRE.

We GREedge the renowned Training Institute for GRE Online Coaching have gathered some of the Frequently asked Questions & the Clarifications for the Aspirants and we feel Happy to Jot down which may help you to take the Right decision about GRE.


ON A LIGHTER NOTE, what is the certainty of doing a part time job on a student visa, if Trump is elected?

Doing a part-time job is anyway illegal in US with a student visa since you are only allowed to mostly concentrate on your academics side with the F-1 visa. You will be allowed to do part-time jobs within the campus since it is a way for a lot of students to support the living costs. Every student is allowed to work for 20 hours a week during semester time and upto 40 hours a week during vacation. Trump being elected is not going to make a difference to this rule since this is already designed in such a way that it restricts international students to work outside of campus which still keeps the opportunities open for the native residents.


Should the Prerequisites you prepared for admission relate to your specialization(such as intern,project,job exp)?

It is a huge advantage in your profile if your internship, project or job experience is relevant to the program you are applying for. The reason behind this is that there is no better way to show proof to the admission committee that you not only possess the theoretical knowledge for the program (if your UG is in relevant field), you also have the practical experience which is crucial for MS. MS programs do give preference to practical experience because funding is available for top universities based on the research activities that the university conducts. Anything that shows that you have the ability to support such activities in the university shows that you can be a valuable asset to them. Even if your work experience is not related to your postgraduate specialization, make sure that you talk about what exactly was the highlight in that duration and how it has helped your team. Since you will be working in lot projects as a team during MS, any leadership quality or an ability to get results is something that is sought out.


Can we apply for scholarship before applying for admission ?

Yes it is possible to apply for scholarship before getting an admit through your application. There is a section in the application that asks whether you want to be considered for the funding opportunities such as research assistantship, teaching assistantship, fellowship or tuition fee waiver etc. This is a way for you to intimate to the admission committee that you would like to be considered for the scholarship opportunities. Note that this doesn’t increase or decrease your chances of getting the scholarship opportunity but just allows the admission committee to take a closer look at your financial status and determine whether you deserve a need based scholarship or not. There are organizations outside of the university that also offers scholarship opportunity for which you can apply separately. This can be availed even before the admit as well.

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