Why switch to HTML5?

html5-training-in-chennaiEarlier if you use HTML for building a site then there was no option to add video player or some high graphic media to the website, then if you need these things then you should use some third party application like flash to use this on your website. HTML5 training in Chennai says that after the introduction of the newest version of html i.e. HTML5 it has the option to add video player or any other rich in graphics files to the website which the help of code. Now there is no more usage of third party applications. YouTube has recently changed its player from flash to it own player using HTML5. Mostly all the websites are switching from html to HTML5.

  • HTML5 is the new era of coding– Soon after the introduction of HTML5 some big company’s website switched from HTML to HTML5. This enables these websites to include video player to the website as well as the developers have the liberty to add some high rich media files. There is no need to use external flash player to use this applications on the website. Many websites are switching from HTML to HTML5 due to the tremendous advantage.
  • Consistent across all the browsers– The major advantage of using HTML5 is that it makes the website web responsive and it is the same across all the major browsers and whether you open the website on the mobile or desktop the output is all the same. This is a major advantage and it is also SEO friendly. According to HTML5 training institute in Chennai the website which is built using HTML5 is consistent across all the browsers and devices.
  • Easy coding– The codes which is used in HTML5 is simple and easy to use. The main objective as to why HTML5 was developed is to enable the usage of audio and media files on the website with ease. HTML5 has been successful in doing so and there are no complicated codes to enable these features. Using simple <audio> and <video> codes with some detailed edits enables us to use the functions.
  • Easily adaptive– HTML5 is easily adaptive and work well with every browser. With the usage of CSS3 the developer can use it to style the pages and make it attractive.

The pace at which HTML5 is growing it is expected by 2020 all the majority of websites using HTML would change to HTML5 and get the maximum advantage. If you still don’t know how to code using HTML5 then getting HTML5 training is the best option.