Why java professionals should learn Hadoop?

big data training in Chennai

big data training in ChennaiBig data hadoop has gained too much of popularity in the recent years and it is the hot topic in the big data industry.  Many java professionals who are shifting their careers to big data industry are getting up to 150% salary hike. There is currently a lot of demand for big data hadoop professionals in the IT industry as this industry is growing at a very rapid pace and more and more companies are making the use of big data for data driven decision. This is the right time to get big data training in Chennai and enter the industry or shift the career. Let us see the reasons why java professionals should learn Hadoop?

  • Perfect option for java professionals.

Hadoop is entirely written in Java programming language.  Anyone who wants to learn hadoop should know java. So if you know java programming then learning hadoop is the best option and it would be the best choice for career shift. Knowing java would make the process of learning hadoop much simpler and easier.  Professional who use java find it easier to use PigLatin as they can code it using java, knowledge of java can also be useful in debugging the Hadoop applications.

  • Professional growth for java developers.

There is no lack of professional who knows Java, after the boom in the IT sector there is a rapid growth in the number of professional who know java. These professionals do not stand out of the crowd in fact they are among the crowd and have no importance of their own. Doing hadoop training in Chennai adds value. By knowing hadoop it is assumed that you are familiar to the big data industry and you know how to do analysis using the big data.

Companies are investing heavily in the big data segment as it adds value to their business and decision making. There are many advantages of using big data analysis and to get into conclusion using big data, knowing java and big data is sure value addition and would surely be helpful for your professional growth.

  • Good job opportunities.

As the big data industry is in a boom right now there are lots of job opportunities which are open and these jobs are very high paying jobs. Earlier when IT industry was booming Java was preferred now there is a boom in the big data industry so there is good opportunity for the professionals who know Java as well as hadoop. These professionals are paid very well as they add value to the business by making decisions based on the big data. Thus for their professional services they are paid very high salary as they save a lot of money of their business owners and help them to grow using data driven decision. Doing big data course in Chennai will help you to get a high paying job in an MNC or can create a good job opportunity.

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