What is the difference between front-end testing and back-end testing?

Front-end and Back-end testing

Front end testing has three levels of architecture. The front end testing deal with GUI, client side, graphs, menus reports, web application. Backend testing is ERP testing, checking the business logic, server side, and database etc. There are so many types of database like SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, DB2 etc. ACID properties, CRUD operations, their schema, and business rule conformance are some of the database tests. The performance and the security is also checked in the database to use the data for the long run. Software Testing Training in Chennai with practically oriented approach sharpens the knowledge. This article will helps people to get to know about What is the difference between front-end testing and back-end testing?

What are the tools available for the software testing?

Selenium, testing whiz, HPE unified functional testing {UFT}, test complete, Ranorex, Sahi, watir, Tosca test suite, Telerik test studio, and watin are some of the tools used in the market now. Let me discuss about all these testing tools in detail. Selenium is the framework for testing the web application with various browsers and various types of systems like windows, mac, and Linux. Selenium is compatible with the various programming language like Java, PHP, C#, Python, Groovy, Ruby, and pearl. Selenium is the base for the testing and records and replays the write tests. Knowledge derived from the Software Testing Course opens the huge job opportunities.

Testing Whiz is the automation testing tool with less code scripting. This tool is used for the web testing, software testing, and database testing. UFT is a tool which formerly known as QTP. Software Testing Courses in Chennai covers core java and the tools needed for the selenium tool. UFT is the scripting language which is used for testing the web application. QTP course provides knowledge about the mercury business process testing, mercury quality center, object recognition in a very smart way, error handling, parameters for objects, checkpoints, and data-driven tables, and documentation. Test complete is used for testing the desktop, web and mobile applications. Test complete offers GUI testing, test visualizer, scripted testing, and test recording and playback. It supports many programming languages like javascript, python, VB script, Delphi script, C++ script, and c# script. Ranorex offers testing support for the desktop, web and mobile applications. The functionalities of Ranorex include GUI recognition, reusable test codes, bug detection, integration with various tools, record and playback.

Sahi is used to do browser testing, multi-browser testing and supports ExtJS, ZK, Dojo. YUI frameworks. Java and JavaScript are the two programming languages used for this testing tool. Watir is an open source testing tool which uses ruby libraries to use the tool. This tool tests any language and any browser. Software Testing Training Institutes in Chennai conduct the variety of classes like weekday class, weekend class, online class and in-house training to facilitate the students. This tool tests the web page’s buttons, forms, links and their responses.  This tool is also called as water. Tosca test suite plan the test case, test the data, virtualize the network service, test mobile apps, minimize the risks, integrate management etc. Telerik Teststudio is used for testing the web, mobile and desktop applications. It is used for UI testing and the load testing. It supports HTML, AJAX, .Net, Javascript, silver light, and MVC. It integrates the visual basic studio and record and playback the testing process. It takes care of cross-browser testing, manual testing, and web application testing. Tracking the bug and debugging is done with ease as this tool integrates with the tracking tools. WatiN is the open source tool which supports the HTML, AJAX in the programming language. It supports IE and Firefox browsers. It integrates with the unit testing tools and also supports the page and control model.

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