What is IELTS?

The IELTS exam is the exam accepted by the UK country for immigration, education, and occupation. There are so many exams for checking the English proficiency such as TOEFL, IELTS, and GRE, etc. The uniqueness of all these exams are different countries accepts different exams. IELTS Coaching in Chennai helps to gain more marks with the expert trainers. There are some structural differences and the exam duration differences between the exams. Spelling, grammar, and pronunciation give more weightage when checking the answers.

Challenges faced when taking up the exam:

Listening Test:

The biggest challenge in the listening skill is that some letters sound like the same. For example m and n sound alike in English language. J and g, B and v sound like the same which confuse the non-native speakers. Ought is the word which sounds like daughter, taught, caught, naught. Ant and aunt are the two words which sounds similar in English. IELTS Training in Chennai provides the study material with the previous model question papers which helps to gain more scores. Listening more and more English videos and reading more and more English journals would help to pinpoint your negatives and help to practice more towards perfection.

Reading Test:

The model of the question paper is like completing a summary, completing a sentence, completing a table, completing a chart, completing a diagram, identifying idea behind the content, matching the headings, matching the sentence endings, multiple choice questions, short answers, and long answers are some of the examples of the reading test model. For reading test at the test center, you will be given a booklet and answer sheet. The time is 10 minutes per answer. So, there will be no time to transfer the answer from the answer sheet to the booklet. So, plan the time properly. Some of the techniques for the reading test are skimming, scanning and underlining which helps to take more score. The number of words for some answers is clearly mentioned as two or three. So, follow the instructions properly. Always think about the exact word which matches the meaning, not for the synonyms. Trying to use more vocabulary in the test may take time and lead to mistakes. IELTS Coaching Centre in Chennai is the right place for the non-native English speakers to learn about how to score more marks in the IELTS exam.

Speaking test:

Practicing with simple language and practice with your friends and relatives which help a lot in understanding the topic which they give. Don’t overuse the repetitive structure like actually in the starting of every sentence. Try to eliminate the common mistake by doing regular practice. Don’t worry about the examiner’s view because examiners never think about your views. So, concentrate on the right answer with the level of fluency you have. Best IELTS Coaching in Chennai have proven records in training the students. So, only regular practice with in-depth syllabus helps the beginners to score more marks in the exam.

Writing test:

Writing test is always targeted towards the grammar usage. Focus on the noun, verb, and adjective usage. Proofreading after completing the writing helps a lot in scoring more marks. Correcting your friend’s answer sheets for practice will sharpen your skills towards writing without grammar mistakes. So, start using short sentences, long sentences, and complex sentences according to the context. The number of words and formal words give good impression to the examiner about your language.

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