What is Hadoop?

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Hadoop is the latest technology and its requirement is too higher in IT industry at recent days. In this article I just explain what Hadoop is & why Hadoop is so important for your career growth.

  • Hadoopis open-source software for storing data and running applications on hardware. It provides storage for any kind of information, tremendous processing power and the power to handle tasks. Hadoop changes the enterprise store, process, and analyze data. It uses several types of analytic workloads to run the same data and at the same time. Cloud era’s open- this platform consider as a most famous distribution of Hadoop.
  • Hadoop is used for Searching, Recommendation systems, video analysis, Image Analysis, data retention and log processing.
  • Hadoop is the open source implementations for Google Map reduce and GFS (distributed file system).
  • Big data is becoming popular these days, not only in the tech media, but also among mainstream news outlets. After the release of big data software Hadoop 2.0 is generating more media buzz.
  • To understand Hadoop, we have to understand two fundamental things about it and they are: How Hadoop stores files, and how it processes data.
  • Hadoop Archives has the file archiving facility that packs files into HDFS blocks more efficiently thereby reducing the name node memory .there is transparent access to files can be done.
  • Imagine if we had a file that was larger than your PC’s capacity. We could not store that file, right? Hadoop allows us to store files bigger than what can be stored on one server. We can store large files.
  • The second characteristic of big data technology is ability to process information, that’s called Map Reduce.
  • Map Reduce uses a smarter approach made for big data sets.
  • Rather than moving the data to the software, Map Reduce moves the processing software to the data. Hadoop is very complex to use, but many established companies are creating a promising trend that should help remove mystery.
  • Hadoop innovation is incredibly fast and is used by IT professionals.

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