Tips and Tricks for Android Developers

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Some of the tips and tricks for the new Android developers for creating the android apps are:

Google Android Guidelines

Google has taken the license to develop the guidelines for android, so every android developer who wants to develop the application has to follow these closely. They understand how your application works, they will enjoy much more. For the fresher’s who are interested in starting their career in IT industry, they can join in Android Training in Chennai. These guidelines were designed for keeping the applications consistent with others and make the Android feel as the one.

Keeping the latest trends

Google is releasing the new updates to its current SDK, which provides the developers with the ways of doing the things. For example, with the release of Android 4.4 KitKat, some of the new design techniques developers will implement the applications. These design concepts and trends which include the new status and navigational bars. Keeping your app constantly updated to implement these new features and you potentially set the standard.  For learning all these tips and tricks, you have to learn the course in Android Training institute in Chennai. If you are hoping to remain competitive in the world of applications, you will be the first to the android market.

Listen to your Input

Improve the application for listening to the input of the user. If the developers take the feedback of the user’s ad apply to the applications. For getting the user input, pay attention to the reviews or create the Google Plus community. By handling the user reviews, they can continue to work with the same applications.

Immerse Yourself in Android

Many of the Android developers don’t even use the Android devices like normal users. But using more your Android device is not enough, you should take part in Android Community. There are many communities in Google+ which can connect the individuals and get indexed. Android Course in Chennai offers the training from top IT professionals as trainers. There are many communities which can connect the individuals for getting inspired and improve the abilities to become the Android Developer.

Some of the communities to check out are:

  • Android Developers
  • Android Studio
  • Android Developer Tools
  • Android Recipe
  • Android App Design

Developing for Multiple Devices

Only one thing that will differ from the other mobile platforms is the freedom of choice which comes with it. Android runs on the variety of devices which have different screen sizes. For testing the Android device, and in order to maintain the consistency throughout the devices, is to use the density –independent pixels. This will calculate a number of pixels for the user’s specific phone which leads to the more consistency through different devices.

Optimize your Applications

Users will perform the applications which are slow, once it takes the unnecessary space. Android Training Chennai offers the placements in top IT companies. The speed of your application will be the deal breaker for most users so make sure that you can avoid this optimizing the application. You have to increase the app speed to refrain from using the unnecessary objects.

I hope this article will provide you information about Tips and Tricks for Android Developers. For more interesting articles about Android, stay connected with us!