Single Ended and Double Ended Shear Beam Load Cell

Digital Load cell

Single Ended and Double Ended Shear Beam Load Cell

Digital Load cell


Most of the current trend weighing scale systems working based on the strain gauge load cell used to measure the loads and convert the loads in to electrical signal. And also the improvement of recent load cells has more advantage and special features like performance, accurate, quality and overall performance of the load cells are now also depend on the main load cells. The current trend and advanced load cells are,

Compression Load cell

Shear Beam Load cell

Double Ended Load cell

S Type Load Cell

Elevator Overload Sensor

Digital Load Cell

Advanced electronics systems are adaptable and provide better performance. But basic kinds of devices are careful to choose the right system is more important. Here the important is choosing the right load cell for your application. After choosing your load cell, the points need to remember to fit and maintain.

The points are

  • Type and operation mode.
  • Number of Load cells
  • Load capacity
  • Accuracy depends on the system specification
  • Mounting Type
  • Constructing type and sealing level
  • Price.

Bending Beam Load Cells

This type of bending beam load cell need desire attention on mounting to make sure perfect load measurement and also for to secure the broken stage. The load cell down 5kg fully welded and sealed stainless steel load cell are provide excellent results on the low capacity load measurement environments.

Single Ended Shear Beam Load Cells

Single Ended Shear Beam Load Cell is offering the ultimate result for medium load measurement application. This has 100% capacity to work with all suitable weighing machines. This shear beam load cells are little costly and mounting capacity more than 5 ton.

Double Ended Shear Beam Load Cell

Double Ended load cell is used for high capacity load measurement applications. This has more advantage on high capacity load measurement. This uses jacking bolts to hold up structure of the weighing machine while installation to avoid the damage. The mounting specification of this double ended shear beam load cell is allow certain amount of changing to thermal expansion and also lifting protection.

Smart Load Cell (Digital Load cell)

Digital Load cell is upcoming most advantage load cell available for industrial load measuring application and it is available in different types of models. This has more advantage over analog load cells. And its performance depends on the sound mechanical methods.

  1. This provide accurate digital output signal from very long distance.
  2. This has high capacity fault finding.
  3. This is also suitable to high overload application.



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