Roles and application of Clinical SAS

Roles and application of Clinical SAS

SAS stands for Statistical Analysis System, it has been the production standard for the analytics of a huge volume of data and data management. SAS is one of the adaptable platforms, it uses the various means to analyze, process, manipulate, and report on data. Join clinical sas training in Chennai, and learn more about the Roles and applications of Clinical SAS. In this article, we described about the Roles and application of Clinical SAS  

Roles of SAS

  • AstraZeneca is one of the biggest Pharmaceutical companies, it is maintaining the origin, production, destination, and current location or pharmacy customer for every medicine produced.   
  • Lufthansa is one of the largest airline industries, It is managing the everyday flight information and air tickets for millions of customers.

These are some of the examples which can be done with SAS. Lufthansa, AstraZeneca is the company which is using SAS in everyday business. SAS is one of the precious tools for business.

SAS in Microsoft Excel and Google sheets

Compared to Excel, the SAS platform allows you to use a vast amount of data. SAS provides support for keeping a large volume of data in a flexible and usable format.  

Secondly, The SAS provides the programmers to make the analysis and data manipulation to a point that Excel can only believe about. 

The programs like Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel are the spreadsheets. The spreadsheets are specially created for mathematicians and accountants. It is used to manage the information and data which is performed by hand. 

SAS Application in Clinical Trials

SAS is the application of a multi-domain. SAS is also used to generate reports, tables, charts, listings, 3D, 2D graphs, etc. The major domains of SAS are SAS®/Advanced Analytics, SAS®/Clinical, SAS®/Finance, SPSS®/Market Research, SAS®/Banking, Minitab, Excel/Analytics, etc.

The SAS plays a major role in data analysis and prepares the clinical study report in the clinical domains system.  The SAS applications are in agreement with ICH, CDISC-SDTM, 21 CFR part, HL7, etc.  

SAS environment has three windows such as editor window output window and log window

  • The editor window can be used to communicate and execute the SAS program.   
  • The Output window can execute the output of the executed programs
  • The log window executes the error messages and the backend execution of the program. 

The SAS played an important role in defining the clinical study until the supervisory submission. SAS can be combined with the Oracle Clinical and clinical trial management systems. 

The process of data integration can start with data extraction. The data is introduced to the SAS environment, the data will be cleaned, and the purification of data will be processed. Join clinical sas training in Chennai, and learn more about the roles and application of the Clinical SAS in clinical SAS.