Proper Usage of Articles in the English Language

Articles in the English language are essential since it provides proper information about the noun they preceed. Misuse or Absence of articles in a sentence will look different to a native English speaker. Though the sentence gives meaning, it is ungrammatical in the English Language since it is lack of an article. Refer this article to know about articles or else take up Spoken English Classes in Chennai.

Why Articles?

Articles modify nouns like adjectives. The English language has 2 articles a/an and the. a/an is generally used to change non-particular and non-specific nouns. “The” is used normally to refer particular or specific nouns. We call “a/an” as indefinite article and “the” as definite article

Definite Article

Definite article “The” refers directly to a group of nouns or specific noun.

  • The lunch is on the dining table
  • The powders on my face

The group of nouns or each noun is being referred to in the above cases like powders whereas lunch is a specific or direct noun.

Indefinite Articles

‘a’ and ‘an’ are the indefinite articles. Both articles are generally used to refer noun. The noun can be any noun from a group of nouns.

  • A Flower in a bouquet
  • An event in the list

Here the noun is not specific or particular. The flower may be any flower and the event could be any event in the list

Some sentences with article error

  1. The Chennai is the capital of TamilNadu / Chennai is the capital of Tamilnadu.
  2. You are in a problem / You are in Problem
  3. He has passed in the Maths / He has passed in Maths.
  4. She died of the Typhoid / She died of Typhoid.
  5. He is best dancer / He is the best dancer
  6. Last Monday, my father took me to the good hotel. / Last Monday, my father took me to a good hotel.
  7. Remember a place we went last Month? / Remember the place we went last Month?
  8. There is the theme park near my office. / There is a theme park near my office.I stay in the small apartment in the Anna Nagar / I stay in a small apartment in the Anna Nagar

This article will help you to get a clear idea about Articles in the English language. Make use of this article to make your English sentence with error free. If you want to take Spoken English Class in Chennai, Choose the best academy for your training. Spoken English in Chennai is now becoming more demand everywhere.

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