Making of Disposable Palm Leaf Plates

How the Disposable Palm Leaf Plates Made

Now a day’s disposable palm leaf plates are most wanted eco-friendly products in this world. Now we go to see how these palm leaf disposable plates are made.

Generally the palm leaf plate is green natural, reusable and it is very process.

First collected the fallen fresh and natural Adaka palm tree leaves, then washing that leaves with filtered water and make dry in the sun light. The dried leaves then heated to mold and shaped by hand. It is very easy to made compare with other disposable products in this world.

After washing the leaves with filtered water and removing dirt then it will washing in the combination of turmeric and water. After this it’s again rinsed water.

Make dry in the sun light and natural air.

Then it will heat with certain temperature and shaped. So many kinds of models and types of plates will be design based on the usage like plates, bowls in round, square and etc.

After designed the disposable plates cut and clean again it is dried with sunlight. Then it packed and supplied to all over the world.