Main reasons to construct the steel buildings compared to wood

Buildings were constructed using the steel since the late 19th century. However lately, it has been used even for the small constructions and even personal residencies. There are various advantages in using the steel material namely it is fully recyclable so it is considered as the “green” product.

Steel dealers in Chennai prefer recycled steel for modern business buildings or home. Buildings which were constructed using the steel material used to have the high strength property compared to the buildings which were constructed using the brick walls and wood frames.

Steel materials are easy to fit and it is very adjustable. It does not warp, buckle, distort or curve, twist. Steel chequered plates used to have the supreme quality and they are very easy to maintain so it is considered an engaging building substance. It remains rust and mold, a defect that seldom bothers wood frame structures. It prevents the loss caused by natural disasters, such as storms, typhoons, and earthquakes as it is very strong material.

The buildings which were constructed using the steel are much more resistant to termites and fire. The owner of the buildings used to consider the ms plate price in Chennai as it has the high durability and these buildings have the better deal on insurance.

Builders have more adaptability in sketching buildings and homes, performing larger spaces due to the strength and durability of the steel material compared to wood material.

The coin has two sides likewise the steel material also have disadvantages as it is considered as the costly element when comparing with the other conventional materials. The steel element used to conduct the more heat and cold more than the conventional elements when making the steel element more efficient in energy needs the more insulation. A steel building is 14 percent more expensive than a similar structure constructed with more conventional materials. The steel buildings prone to corrosion when it is not planned correctly.

The ability to building with steel is to obtain a builder who is endured in practicing the element, as well as electricians and plumbers responsible to operate on a steel building. However, building with steel is a worthy investment if one is responsible to pay the money up front.