Cell Phones and Driving

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Cell Phones and Driving  

Cell phones are becoming more extensively used for personal rather than business reasons and they can present a wide range of concerns for drivers to address.

The risk of collision is 4 times higher during cell phone use:

A recent New England Journal of Medicine study established that the risk of collision is four times greater during cell phone use. NHTSA Administrator Ricardo Martinez told that, as cars more and more become an extension of the home and office, we are making a completely new array of potentially dangerous disruptions that must be better understood.

9 Countries ban cell phone use in cars:

There are 9 countries that ban mobile phone use in cars and 13 states in the U.S. have actually strained to pass legislation dealing with mobile phone use. So what is all this concern about using cell phones while driving. Exploration shows that it may not be the safest behaviour of motorists, and considering that the number of cell phones has full-grown from 345,000 in 1985 to over 50 million today legislators are taking a closer look at the practice.

Moreover, at least one study has associated driving while talking on a cellular phone to driving while under the effect of liquor or drugs.

We cannot forget that driving is not just a visual task, but involves listening and motor abilities as well. Using a mobile phone can also take visual and motor attention as well. While dialling the mobile phone the driver splits their vision between the street and the numbers on the headset.

In most of the cases, mobile phones are not hands-free which leaves the driver with only one hand on the wheel, decreasing motor ability. So it will probably cause more accidents. It not only create damage to the person who drives, it also damages the mobile phone he is using. In case if the damage occurs to your Lenovo or Motorola cell phones, you must contact the respective mobile service centre, which means to the Lenovo Mobile Service Center in Chennai and Motorola Service Center Chennai.

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