Leading Java Web Frameworks for 2018

In the year 2018, new frameworks made the web development process flexible. The specifications in the web application for the dynamic websites drag the demand to the frameworks. Struts, spring, hibernate, GWT {Google web Toolkit}, Web resources, web APIs and Web services are some of the frames works with huge demand in the usage of the evergreen technology JAVA. Let me discuss these frameworks in detail. Spring, Java Server Faces, {JSF} struts and hibernate are some of the topmost java frameworks.


The Spring MVC framework is designed with the resemblance of J2EE or Java framework. It is used for the projects which need security because spring is good in handling the broad range of ingenuities. It has huge services such as SOAP services, REST APIs and security authentication.This framework is used for the development and configuration of the web application. Spring Training in Chennai would train the students with the required hands-on training and challenging projects to know what is happening in the current market scenario.


JSF is easy to utilize since it is supported by Oracle documentation. JSF can support different technologies which are an added advantage when using the JSF framework. It is not the best framework for java but the easy availability and flexibility of different technology made this framework famous.


Struts Training in Chennai is the best training for the beginners who are looking to enter into a programming job. This framework is the base for web application and creates dynamic responses with the help of MVC pattern. The strut is used to solve a specific problem. Strut has been used in lots of projects over the years which made the architecture famous. The centralized configuration and a set of custom JSP tags to create HTML forms that are associated with Java beans components made it easily maintainable.


Hibernate is used for problems in a relational database. It is a mapping framework used for debugging. Hibernate helps to communicate with any database by making tiny alterations. Hibernate Training in Chennai is very helpful to work in any type of database like Oracle, SQL and my SQL. After learning Hibernate the incumbent gets a wide range of opportunities. Spring Hibernate Training in Chennai with the leading institute opens the door to huge opportunities. Google web toolkit, Play framework, Vaadin, grails, Apache wicket, vertx are some of the other leading frameworks in the year 2018.Google, apache wicket, vaadin are open source frameworks which are used widely because of its availability.

Java is one of the old technologies and used to solve complex problems because it statistically builds language. It’s an open source software so, its’ availability and the architecture created a huge community for Java. Java can be run on any platform and most of the programs come with a class library called Java API. It is known fact that Java is used widely in critical banking applications. Java is also used for cutting-edge technology like gaming and virtual reality which shows the highest demand of Java and Java Frameworks.