Know the scope of Loadrunner and QTP Testing Tools

To know the scope of Loadruner and QTP testing tools, read this post with learning thought. Loadrunner is a software Testing Tool which was introduced by Mercury in the year 1999 and later it was acquired by Hawellet Packard in 2009. In Performance Testing industry Loadrunner has 85 % market share and also it is not only the essential tool for testing but also it is market leader in the testing paradigm. The maintenance of software applications is very complex since they are capable of holding 10 to 10000 users. Many problems have been arises with managing a large volumes in the applications. The right way to overcome the problem is to use the software testing tool which will be capable of monitoring the behavior of end user. Loadrunner is one of the tools with excellent features to manage the software applications. Loadrunner Training in Chennai is necessary for the person who is in software testing fields. It is the only testing tool which supports large number of protocols to conduct performance testing.

Performance testing helps to find out the effectiveness of the software, this testing measures the loading time and the quality assurance. The testing tools will find out the performance time and loading time of the software applications. VuGen, Controller, Loadrunner Generator, Analysis and Agent Process are the key components of Loadrunner. Since its valuable usage in testing field many institutes have started Loadrunner Course in Chennai to train the students in testing level. The following are the Loadrunner advantages:-

  • Supports the maximum protocols
  • Default programming languages are ANSI C, JAVA and VB
  • Easy correlation
  • Better Monitoring and analysis interface where you can able to see the reports in Charts and graphics

Another software testing tool is QTP (Quality Test Professional Tool). This tool has the feature of storing the snapshot of every individual page which is navigated during the execution process. We can refer the previous execution screenshots if there any need, the report of testing will automatically written to a report page which will check and ensure the accuracy of the report. Learn the basic till advance through the best QTP Training in Chennai. The following are the advantages of QTP Testing Tool:-

  • It satisfy the both technical and non-technical users
  • User friendly
  • Advance solutions for regression and functional test automation
  • Great Object Identification Mechanism / Process
  • It is capable to integrate with test management tools like QC
  • Default and easy configuration with inbuilt functionalities

QTP has the great features and benefits which includes keyword driven testing, suits for both web based application and client server, VB Script language, error handling mechanism, great testing features. Enroll today for QTP Training to learn from the basics till advance level with the best training institute. Thus, QTP and Loadrunner tools play a major role in testing field due to its excellent features. Both are very essential to manage the huge volume of users in effective manner.

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