Is Java is Important to Learn Hadoop Framework

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Are you interested to start your career in big data handling and analytics? Then, it’s recommended to take Hadoop Training to put your foot forward. The most common question among us whether knowledge on java programming language is essential to master Hadoop technologies.

Hadoop is an open source framework powered by Apache Foundation, used to manage and process large data in distributed environment using simple programming models. This framework is purely written on java programming language.

Whether java is prerequisite to enroll in Hadoop Training in Chennai? This article will gives you clear idea.

As Hadoop is developed on Java programming language, you need to have strong technical expertise in tis programming language. Most of the Hadoop training program starts with java basics. Without Java basics, you can consider learning, two most popular Hadoop Framework – Hive and Pig

  • Hive is data warehousing infrastructure used for data management
  • Pig is used to analyze large data set

To learn Hive and Pig, you need to learn Hive Query Language (HQL) and Pig Latin. Knowledge on SQL will be useful. This language can be easily learned through professional training by experts.

Job Opportunities in Hadoop:

Hadoop is most trending technologies that is used in most of the organizations, ranging from small business to fortune 500 companies. Hadoop is capable of handling and processing large data sets with simple programming architecture, can be accessed on cloud and requires less investment. Thus, every organization adds Hadoop in their to-do list. This leads to increased career opportunities for talented professionals across the world.

If you want to start you career in Hadoop technologies, strong technical skills on java is essential. It helps you to learn Hadoop clusters with ease. As java is used everywhere, it is great opportunity for fresh graduates and experienced professionals to have lucrative career in Hadoop technologies.

Need for Java:

Knowledge on java programming language is essential to learn Hadoop technology. You need to write and execute code on java to effectively maintain the large datasets with ease. It is recommended to start your big data training in Chennai with Java basics.

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