Future of Angular: Worth Learning

Angular is a JavaScript framework added to an HTML page. Here in this article, I have discussed the Future of Angular: Worth Learning. You will gain more knowledge by reading this article.

Define AngularJS?

AngularJS is maintained by Google which is used to generate interactive, powerful websites with smooth animations to deliver pleasant user appearance. Many notable improvements and adjustments are done between versions 1.0 and 1.3 which are currently being worked on. Polymer, Backbone.Js, Ember and much more are its comparable siblings. It has been raised rapidly in the upcoming years.

Why AngularJS?

Every day new frameworks are rolled out; Angular Training in Chennai doesn’t lose its familiarity to compete with other frameworks. A lot of developers are sticking and adapting to this coding framework because it creates templating, unit testing, binding etc with more simple steps which eliminate efforts to create slow and maintain applications. AngularJS analyses when there is an observable function to the page DOM and generates bindings based on the Angular-specific element attributes.

It permits multiple ways to do things accommodating different development tasks and styles. It also supports Visual Studio .NET IDEs and IntelliJ IDEA and has a great development community. This feels a nature dedication service, create modules with implementations and abstract classes will well-designed API. Angular intervals have static typing makes it readable and easier with even more bigger and complex framework to compare.

Multiple Supportive Languages

AngularJS is been used by several developers. The future of the code in AngularJS Course in Chennai will rapidly keep changing in technology. Take a look at how framework stands against the advances of the technology. Some of the future is:

  • HTTP communication support, Better Management
  • AngularJS started with pure XHR request support

Expectation about the new version

  • It enables the building of offline-first applications which are able to check cache data offline, connectivity and more
  • It also supports Http communication, Session Storage and IndexedDB, Local Storage and WebSocket API
  • Also used for better management of routing, fetching pages, offline access, querying network and much more

AngularJS 2.0 in ECMAScript 6

The AngularJS 2.0 code will be written in ES6 and compile into standard ES5 with Traceur compiler. It also adds support to assertions and annotations into Traceur compiler. In this application, we can write more declarative in AngularJS applications by just adding of syntax.

Keeping up with speed

As fast food, fast load speed and fast Internet AngularJS are keeping up it demand in high. 2.0 version is highly focused in high speed. Object.observer is a native support by Chrome and the AngularJS folks are working hard to increase the availability of arrays and objects without the requirement of this supportive browser.

Routing made Flexible

AngularJS 1.0 is a score of becoming optional in the upcoming version. With the version2.0 its aim is to bring few features like a sibling, nested states into an Angular router.

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