Education Consultants in Chennai

Planning & Evaluation of profile

PRESTON is one of best overseas consultants in Chennai and every student is extravagant to us. We gift customized services to each Study Abroad Aspirants to reflect their goals and reach a paramount position in a style.

  1. Self-Evaluation – Every student is profiled separately based on academic credentials, area of interest and life goals. The economical degree is also taken into consideration to match their goals.
  2. Course Listing – Every student is given a variety of options derived from the Self-Evaluation Report. Specific analysis and selection of the right course is done by expert counselors.

Preparatory Tests & Training


PRESTON provides top of the line training for GRE/GMAT/TOEFL/IELTS which makes you more competent among all other aspirants. Our expert and erudite guides have worked in leading test prep companies either as teachers or as test content developers.

  1. Course Requirement: For every course selected, the candidate is presented with minimum & average score requirements after which these target scores are achieved with the help of our material and teaching.
  2. Comprehensive Coaching: Continuous testing & training forms an integral part of test preparation. Unlimited access to tests, after-test analysis and unlimited access to our Test Prep library with over 600 books makes our regime unbeatable.
  3. Quality of education: You are educated by the erudite who are expects and are excelled in this

Field over a half a decade. Quality is always apropos of experience,

Selecting an University

Based on a candidate’s standardized test scores, academic scores and area of interest each student is then given a list of universities to which they can apply.

  1. Classification of Universities – Every university is classified into Ambitious, Moderate and Safe. The list is created with inputs from university minimum requirements, student profile and the university’s intake history.
  2. University Filtering – PRESTON counselors then toil with the student to filter and select a final list of universities with the student’s ambitions and his/her goals taken into consideration. Normally, 5-8 universities are shortlisted.

Documentation & Application

Every application is crucial; hence, our team at PRESTON makes sure every candidate’s application is given strenuous revisions and more importantly well organized and on time.

  1. Document Preparation – Assistance is given with respect to the organization of required documents, editing the Statement of purpose and other documents essential for an application.
  2. Filing & Follow-up – The team ensures that all required documents are dispatched to the universities within the deadline and follow up of the application, its status is continuously monitored and any query raised by university is dealt with accordingly.

Financing Options

Education abroad is often costly but worth every the money. Guidance and assistance is provided with options regarding funding your stint abroad.

  1. Educational Loans – Our counselors give well rounded guidance on obtaining loans, that is primarily with selection of a bank(private or national), application procedure, organizing the required documents including follow-up for quick approval.
  2. Scholarship Assistance – We encourage and guide students with good overall profiles to research and apply for financial aid in the selected university.

Visa Application & Documentation

At PRESTON, counselors are defined by their in-depth knowledge about visa procedures and documentation, which results in a phenomenal visa obtaining rate.

  1. Visa Documentation & Filing – The required documents along with the financial documents required from banks are consolidated and guidance in filling up of the same is given.
  2. Visa Interview Preparation – Mock interviews, frequently asked questions are provided based on the country of choice. Candidates are made familiar with the interview process to boost their confidence.

Let’s Fly

Before departure, a pre-departure briefing is organized to ensure smooth travel & eventual residence in the country of study. A networking session with fellow students is an important part of the briefing, this enables students to meet and discuss arrangements and make friends even before they actually set foot in a foreign country.

  1. Travel & Forex – Assistance in booking flight tickets well in advance is provided to ensure good discount rates. We have tie-ups with several renowned Forex dealers to get the best rates for your money transfers, traveler’s cheques and foreign currency notes.
  2. Accommodation & Post-Arrival Guidance – Our network of alumni together with our experienced counselors provide extensive options on the type of accommodation desired based on the candidate’s needs and budget. We also ensure that no hassles are faced by the student regarding accommodation by constantly communicating with our alumni students, understanding their problems and making sure the registration process is smooth.