Difference between Automation Testing and Manual Testing

As a human being, it is usual to make mistake while developing any application. It may be a small or big mistake, the small mistake will not lead to greater loss, but if the mistake is big it leads to great loss. So testing becomes essential nowadays to deliver a product as per the customer requirements. Testing an application or product can be done in both manual testing and automation testing. Automation testing and manual testing is considered to be the pillars of the testing field. The testing method may entirely vary according to the project requirements, budget etc., Here you are yet to know about Basic knowledge of Automation testing and Manual testing. To become an expert in testing in either of these, one would have to take up Selenium Training in Chennai.

Automation Testing

This method executes the test scripts with the help of automation tool are known as Automation testing. This method will be suitable for the large project. If your project results and prospects align, then it is ready to behave as it is and the application is bug-free. If both were not aligning, then it requires changing the code. Some major factors of Automation testing that you should know.

  • The application is tested with the help of various automation tools available in the market like Selenium, QTP. According to the requirement and budget, they will choose
  • This automation testing is said to be a continuous and integral part of manual testing. Tools used for testing form an integral part of automation testing.
  • In automation testing, the testing process is done through running the scripts
  • This testing method is very useful at the time when repetitive functionalities of the software is to be tested
  • Here the time consuming is very less than manual testing
  • Automation testing is carried out on multiple machines at a time. Regression testing is easy to run during automation testing.
  • Results from automation testing is highly accurate
  • In case of Automation testing various kinds of batch testing will be carried out
  • This automation testing is more reliable among other tools. Also, it is considered to be higher quality.
  • Programming is heart of Selenium Course in Chennai where trainers give more preference in coding part as the test cases need to be written in different languages like Python, Perl etc.,

Manual Testing

The method in which the software developers run the test cases manually is called manual testing. The following are the types of manual testing

  • Black Box Testing
  • White Box Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • System Testing
  • Unit Testing Acceptance

The following are the various advantages available in the manual testing. Nowadays, Selenium Training is in high demand in most of the reputed training institute. The testing field is becoming popular in IT field. To get knowledge with hands on experience crack an interview by joining Selenium Training Chennai.

  • Manual testing is carried out manually where software tester itself executes each and every step in test cases.
  • Manual testing is the essential testing without the manual testing process one cannot go with automation testing.
  • Random testing process is carried out here in order to find the errors in the coding.
  • We can find more errors in manual testing than automation testing since we have error guessing technique in the manual testing
  • When compared to automation testing time consuming is more in manual testing. Also, regression testing is a tedious process here.
  • More software testers are required in manual testing. Batch testing is not possible here
  • In case of reliability in manual testing, it is very less
  • No need of programming. Everything is manual
  • It is somewhat less quality
  • Various stages in STLC like test planning, test deployment, result investigation, test execution.

Above I have explained major differences between manual testing and automation testing, hope you get some idea after you read this article. It is easy to select which type will suit your product. So make right decisions in choosing a best Selenium Training Institutes in Chennai that value your money and time offer the best result. To excel in your testing career make use of Selenium Courses in Chennai that is available in many training institutes in Chennai.