Best Vulnerable Sites for Practicing the Hacking Skills

Ethical Hacking Course in Chennai

Ethical Hacking is the hacking of the security weak points of the system according to the operating systems.  This is the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of the computer systems for duplicating the action of malicious hackers. For the fresher’s who are interested in starting their career in IT industry, they can join in Ethical Hacking Course in Chennai.  An ethical hacker is also known as the white hat hacker, who is a security professional who applies the hacking skills for defensive purposes of the information systems.


Bricks are for learning the web application security. You can perform the test bed for analyzing the performance of web application security scanners. Bricks are used to build on the PHP and MySQL. It is the platform for learning the web application security. The main objective of the project is to focus on the variations of commonly seen in the application security issues. Every hacker used to break the bricks because each brick has its own security issue, which can be leveraged by using the automated software tools.


bWAPP is the Buggy Web Application which is used by security hackers, students and developers who can discover to prevent the web vulnerabilities. This can also provide you to conduct the penetration testing and ethical hacking projects. Because they are having hundreds of web vulnerabilities. For learning these hacking tips, join in the Ethical Hacking Course. bWAPP can be hosted by the Linux/Windows with Apache/IIS and MySQL. It is the PHP application which uses the MySQL databases.

(DVLA) Damn Vulnerable iOS App

This is the tool for the purpose of IOS penetration skills to keep in a safe and legal environment. This will also use for the students, mobile application security enthusiasts for learning the basics of mobile application security. This is the application contain the section, where the users read the various articles on IOS application security.

Damn Vulnerable Web Application (DVWA)

DVWA is the PHP/MySQL web applications which are vulnerable. The goal is to aid for the security professionals for testing the skills, tools in the safe and legal environment. TO become the Ethical Hacker from the best Ethical Hacking Certification Institute in Chennai. This was created to help the web developers to understand the process of securing the web applications.

ExploitMe Mobile Android Labs

ExploitMe Mobile Android Labs which focuses on the 8 specific vulnerabilities commonly used in Android applications. Security professionals and developers are building the Android platform for a chance to attack the ExploitMe Mobile Android Labs. Ethical Hacking Training in Chennai offers the training from IT professionals who are working in MNC companies. Security Compass will help to become more secure Android developers and defenders.

Lab lessons are:

File System access permission

Parameter manipulation of mobile traffic

Insecure logging

Encryption of traffic

Insecure storage of files

Password Lock screens

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