Angularjs 2

angularjs trainingAs we are all familiar with the success of angularJs 1, recently some few days back angular 2 has been finally rolled out but it is still in the beta version. We are the early adopters of the angular 2 so we can be at ease in the later updates.

What is angularJs 2.0?

As the experts call it is the version 2.0, it is the updated version of the Google backed angularjs framework. There are still confusions going regarding the framework, people attending angularjs training believe it is just an update while some believe it is a whole new framework all together.

Why use angular 2.0?

Angularjs2.0 is developed to take care of the following problems or concerns. Doing angularjs training in Chennai will help you understand the practical application of the same-

  • Mobile- Earlier the main focus was to use angular mainly for web applications, though it was used to develop mobile apps. With this update angular has a core functionality of developing mobile apps. The developers of angular put forward a logical reason for this and state that once the main part i.e. related to mobile performance and load time has been taken care of then the desktop work can be easily handled.
  • Modular- For better performance the developers at Google have decided to remove various modules from the angular’s core framework.  This simply means that the user can pick the part which is in need and ignore the rest.
  • Modern- The angular 2.0 is developed to work for the modern browsers which update with the time this eliminates the hardships which is created during the development of the app. and instead the developers can focus on their niche of the business.

With the introduction of angular 2.0 the coders can now be able to add details to their web and mobile applications very easily. Any developer who is having the basic knowledge of html or has done angularjs course in Chennai can use angularjs 2.0 with very ease.