Android Training: Tips to Enter Mobile application Development Industry

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Android is most popular and widely used mobile operating system in the market today. This mobile operating system is gaining more popularity for its salient features and functionality. Leading mobile manufacturers like LG, SONY, Moto, etc. use android Mobile OS to power their gadgets.  Android is used in touch-screen enable devices like smartphones, tablets, netbooks, television, smart watches, security gadgets etc.

Based on a recent survey, android holds more than 70% of share in smartphone market, well before Apple’s IOS mobile operating system. In this article, we are going to discuss about the future of android mobile application development and the advantages of taking Android Training in Chennai.

Android Vs. iOS Mobile Operating System:

When you look at both mobile operating systems, you can see lot of similarities. Both operating systems were built with user experience in mind. These mobile operating systems are loaded with various advanced features and functionalities. Additionally, both operating systems have large users across the world.

IOS mobile operating system is exclusively designed for Apple’s proprietary system. Android is an open source platform built on Linux kernel. It can be used in any devices without minimal licensing issues. Further, developers can make use of software development kit and other resources at free of cost.

Why to Take Android Training?

As mentioned above, android is widely used mobile operating system in the world. Being open source platform, mobile application development industry and freelance developers can integrate android development platform with their project at free of cost. Further, you can enjoy incredible support from both online and offline community. You can also make use of resources loaded on internet without any issues. Overall, you can get benefited from taking Android Training from reputed IT training institute. For beginners, android OS is used in more than 300 million devices across the world.

Based on a recent survey, about 75% of mobile developers prefer android mobile development platform. After developing the mobile application, you can market the application on the Android market place “Google Play” to make more income. It increases the career prospects of skilled and trained mobile application developer. Taking android course in Chennai is recommended for aspirant looking to start their career in mobile application development industry.

To get quality training, you need to choose and enroll in reputed android training institute in Chennai that offer practical and placement oriented. When comes to Chennai for android training course, FITA is recommended to education consultants and IT professionals who have benefited from the quality android training.