Advantages of Blockchain beyond Cryptocurrency

There is a buzz around the term Bitcoin’s record-breaking exploits. The bitcoin or other cryptocurrency is a form of investment. Here in this article, we have explained about the advantages of Blockchain beyond Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is an upcoming technology. Join Blockchain Training in Chennai to enhance your skills and knowledge.

Supply chain management

The Blockchain technology providers the advantages of cost-effectiveness and traceability for supply chain management. A Blockchain is for tracking the movement of goods, quantity, their origin and so forth which brings the next level of transparency to B2B ecosystems. This is a simplifying process like production process assurance and payments and ownership transfer.

Quality assurance

A Blockchain leads you to a certain point of origin when the irregularity is detected along the supply chain. Quality assurance makes it easier for businesses to carry out to execute and investigate the necessary actions. In the food sector there is another use-case for tracking the origination and other information are crucial for safety and quality assurance.


Blockchain removes virtually human made errors by recording transaction and protects the data from tampering. The records are maintained every single time whenever they pass on from one node to another Blockchain node. In inclusion to the accuracy of our records, the process also leaves highly traceable audit. The entire accounting process becomes efficient on a foundational stage. Businesses keep single, joint register rather than separate records. This integrates a company’s financial information.

Smart contracts

The growth of a business can be bottleneck by time-consuming contractual transactions. This is especially for a torrent of communication on a basis. With smart agreements and contracts can be automatically signed, validated and enforced through Blockchain construct. The need for mediators saves organization money and time. Nowadays Blockchain Course solutions like CREDITS provides smart contracts coupled with own internal cryptocurrency. By strengthening into a single platform, we can integrate services without disclosing to third parties.

Stock exchange


The idea for using Blockchain technology for commodities and securities has for a while. Yet another reliable nature of Blockchain systems for the nest big leaps forward to hear stock exchanges.

Energy supply

Shrug off monthly and people who scratch their heads with energy expenditures are the two types of business. Get more details about Blockchain Training at FITA. Across the globe households and commercial take advantage of Blockchain-enabled “transactive grids” for sustainable energy solutions. Exergy in Brooklyn and Powerpeers in the Netherlands are the best couple examples. It is also used to increase the clean energy track. Once the power is a grid, it is generated by solar energy, fossil fuels or wind. Renewable energy is followed through certificates issued by the government. These are put terrible, bluntly in serving the purpose. In some cases, there is no trouble handling.

Peer-to-peer global transactions

At last, the rapid rise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the industry. It enables more secure, faster and cheap transfer of funds across the world. Join Blockchain Certification for better enhancement of your skills.